Ecclesia Prayer Network " ELIA "

The Ecclesia prayer network is named after the prophet "Elia". He has used 9 words ( God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, send the fire ) to shows that the God whom we serve is almighty. The prayer that brings God in motion, depends on the relationship we have with God and not the length of the prayer. The Baal priests had about 12 hours of prayers to Baal to let the fire from heaven. They have tortured themselves to arouse pity to Baal, but without result. Baal had ears but could not hear. He had eyes but could not see. He had feet but could not walk.

The God of Elijah, however, is a living, moving being God. The God who communicate with his people. The God who answers prayers when we diligently seek Him. If we want God to move, then our relationship with Him must be holy. Our hearts must be directed to God, and He must become the center of everything. His Word shall not depart out of our mouths. Thy Word is a lamp base and a light unto my path.

The purpose of this "Prayer Network" is to strengthen the Christians to preaching the Gospel as the "Great Commission" of Christ: " Go therefore and make all nations to my disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. " Matthew 28:19-20

Elijah is a Interdenominale International Prayer Network  that prays daily for the needs of the world. To determine the effect of prayer to increase, we must start with ourselves.  The world has no material problem, but a spiritual problem.

The call of Acts 1:8 must be taken seriously because we know that the coming of the Lord near.

Start now to encourage others Christians to  join this network.

Why is prayer so important?

Jesus is still the answer for the world today!

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