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 The Ecclesia Suriname

The name is derived from the Biblical Ecclesia, which means elect. In Greek history the Ecclesia was a meeting of a group elected from the people. For Christians this is a group chosen by God. This is the invisible side of the Church of Jesus Christ. Only Christ adds to this group. According to the Bible this is the group of true believers. People who are washed clean by the blood of Christ and live a holy life. Only Jesus Christ knows who is hundred percent holy.

"Then I looked, and behold a great multitude which no man could number, of all nations, tribes and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands. And they cried with loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God who sits on the throne, and before the Lamb! "

Revelation 7:9-10.

The Ecclesia Suriname is not a church. We do not enrol people. We do not have members. We leave that to the existing churches. We just need volunteers who support this vision. One of the hallmarks of our organization is that we do not exclude anyone, unless there is visible sins in their life, because only Jesus Christ knows who is really repented and live just like it should be. The we leave the judgment to Christ. We do not work according to a certain church discipline. We give only Biblical guidelines to believers and our efforts to those who have not really converted yet to convert to Jesus Christ and not just be a church goer.

Furthermore, the goal of this organization is to equip believers of all Christian churches, if desired, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ genuinely and effectively to every creature, regardless of race, class or social position. The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus returns to take the true believers of all denominations, the Ecclesia.
We strive to help the Christians to get the  right faith, which Christ asks to have in order to join the Church of Jesus Christ.
The Ecclesia Suriname is not a church, but uses the media to help Christians of all denominations  so that they may belong to the Church of Jesus Christ international.

It is time for Christians to know the depth of the Bible, by studying the Bible effectively.
This organization offers people the opportunity to understand what they didnot understand. Nobody has to join us as members. Simply be effective in your community, work for the Lord. We want to help you only to know the "how" and "why".Wat you can do is to send your contribution in the form of articles for the website or send you can join the hundreds of people who pray for a theme on the website . That is a duty of every Christian. Let us win the lost world for Christ! We urge every Christian to evangelize. We want to support it.

For a study on how you can come to repentance, go to " Evangelization"on this site.

 What is the purpose of a Christian Church?

As a leader you will lead the congregation by the discovery of the New Testament purposes of the church. Wise leaders know that people like to express what they learned, but they will remember what they learned better  by the self discovery.

Start by involving your church in the studying of the Bible. If you lead the church in studying the Bible there are several topics that can be teached.

The New Testament gives several names to the Church as the body ( the unit that the municipality must demonstrate: unity in thinking and operating ) , the bride ( the purity (holiness) that the municipality should have to confront Christ ) , the family ( careful relationship within the municipality ) , the flock ( of obedience and docility within the municipality should be ) , community ( the loving relationship among members of the congregation ) and the army ( the pugnacity ) .

Each of these names has a proud equation for what the church should be.

To accomplish the goals of the church, we must try to discover the following questions:

1. Why is the church founded?

2. What should we be as a church? (Who and what are we?)

3. What should we do as a church? (What does God want done in the church?)

4. How can we do that?

The church has five goals:

1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart ( WORSHIP ).

2. Love your neighbor as yourself    ( SERVE ).

3. Go and make disciples ( EVANGELISM ).

4. Baptize them ( disciple ).

5. Teach them to maintain ( DISCIPLES ).

A purpose driven church will try to fulfill all five goals, which Christ has given to the church.

The basic components of a healthy church:

§ Basic control program (regular services).

§ Serving adjustment programs (social control).

§ Emphasis adjustment programs (Christian education).

What should you do to make your sick community healthy?

Many municipalities are ill because of the imbalance in the ministry. For a study about changing your church without killing it, make contact with us!

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