How can you evangelize your friends and family without offending them or drive them further away from the faith?

Every Christian has a relative, a friend, colleague or acquaintance who is not a Christian. The Gospel with others is always difficult. The Gospel to others is even harder if you want to do this with someone close to you to the heart. The Bible tells us that some people will be offended by the Gospel (Luke 12:51-53). It is particularly worrying that we might run the risk that we offend someone with whom we have regular contact. But, we are commanded to share the Gospel with others - and there are no excuses for not doing so (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8, 1 Peter 3:15). How can we then evangelize our families, friends, colleagues and / or acquaintances? The main thing we can do for them is pray for them. Pray that God will change their hearts and eyes to see the truth of the Gospel (2 Corinthians 4:4). Pray that God will convince them of His love for them and their need for salvation through Jesus Christ (John 3:16). Pray for wisdom about how you can serve them (James 1:5). Besides praying you must also ensure that you have a godly Christian life, so that they can perceive the change that God has made ​​in your life (1 Peter 3:1-2). As St. Francis of Assisi once said, "Preach the Gospel always and use words if necessary." After all this you must be willing and brave to share the Gospel effectively with them. Proclaim the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to your friends and relatives (Romans 10:9-10). Be always willing to talk about your faith (1 Peter 3:15), but never do it on a gentle and disrespectful way. It is God's power and grace that save people, not our efforts. The best and most important thing we can do for them is pray for them, be a witness for them, and show them that we have a respectful Christian life.

How to lead them to repentance!

Most simple thing that you could use is the "Four Spiritual Laws." It is a Bible study that programmed to call people to Christ. Study this carefully before you go to them. Take it step by step with them.

"By the way, do you know Jesus yet?"
"Many Christians find excuses not to evangelize"

Christians should principally evangelize through friendships. Loudly proclaiming the Gospel on the streets no longer works, one finds. However, that according evangelist Joop van Ooijen not say that the great mass of Christians should not try to speak. "When you stick to your own friends or family, you reach more than a hundred people. Plat said the hit rate than the minimum that the person to repentance. I try not to look for the person who is lost and saved to be. I learned of Jesus. We also have people really look that we would not normally encounter. " Joop van Ooijen often evangelizes on markets. "That we read in the book of Acts also. Christians were proclaiming busy. In markets do you meet people and create conversations. If you're lucky, someone puts his heart a little bare. People often just want to talk to strangers about God . Then you can start about Jesus. You can appeal to a market 200 people a day. About 95% say in general 'bonjour', 4% and 2% will be talking really do something with. Those are four people . These people give me something and they are welcome in our Bible studies. " The evangelist stresses the importance not only to their own circles to focus, but also for strangers to find. Jesus said, "Preach the Gospel to all creation." That this happens more often than not, is all excuses. "Many Christians find excuses not everyone they encounter the Gospel to tell," says Joop. "They have their problems of conscience not to do. I do many believers in the street. If you ask to go, they do so often. There evangelize but very few people. Where are the evangelists? I am never approached by people if I Jesus already know. That's weird? ' "Every Christian has to tell. Corrie ten Boom once said:" The best thank you to God can give because you are saved, is it to testify. " Many Christians say: 'I'm saved, but I want it now not about. Every Christian can still appeal to people that they encounter? If someone asks you a packet is delivered, you can still say:' By the way , do you know Jesus yet? '"

To your friends and family to help after they have come to repentance, go to Bible study on this site.

May the Lord bless you!

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"Many Christians have a Christmas-faith"

"In Jesus, does not mean that you get an easy life. Or as many ministers say: The Lord has promised us a good trip, but a safe arrival." That evangelist says in an interview with Nino Damsteeg CIP.nl.
"We must during evangelistic outreaches people not for going to keep that faith solve everything. I sometimes actions participated in which people homeless toegingen and they told them when they are in Jesus would believe another life would get. That is of course true , in the deepest sense of the word, but those went much further. He said the tramp again a home and family, and that God would bless him. That is absurd and totally biblical. The son of man himself had not even a house to live in! course, God is able to do all that, but maybe he has had many other and larger plans on that tramp. At that moment, the chances are high that people will think, because they than all get some kind of Saint Nicholas Faith. "
From that Sinterklaas faith many Christians according to the evangelist added: "And especially in the rich West. It seems like a kind of prosperity faith. We go neatly into the church and life meanwhile our own individualistic life with as much money and so possible success. Sometimes there just something wrong and then we go to God to ask if he want to solve and we expect that he does well and the way we ask. Let's look but with God and faith in what he does. Because what he does is good! "

"There's a hole in our Gospel"

Christians must not only preach the Gospel, but the Gospel must come alive. It would be a dramatic improvement in the condition of the poor in the world. That said Richard Stearns at the presentation of the Dutch edition of his book "The Hole in our Gospel", says Fries Dagblad.

Stearns denounces in The Hole in our Gospel according to him the one-sided view that Christians in America and probably elsewhere in the world, on the message of the Gospel: that would only be about personal forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ . Crucial for a fuller understanding of the gospel was Luke Stearns 4, where Jesus begins his public ministry and like a mission statement indicates. When he was in the synagogue Jesajarol unrolling and reading about the poor, blind and prisoners, this says Stearns that not only proclamation of the Gospel there, but also of compassion (pity and concern for the poor and blind) and of justice (for prisoners). "Across our hole (hole) in the Gospel is a whole (full) Gospel of Jesus himself. It calls for not only the good news (s) sermons, but the good news to do."

Stearns described the situation of two churches to show how dire the consequences of such unilateral Gospel can be. One church in Haiti and is built of rags and canvas, set among a camp of thousands displaced as a result of the earthquake two years ago. On Sunday the church service lasts three, four hours and saw there Stearns totally destitute and crippled people praising God. The other church was that of the University Presbyterian Church in America. It is the building of a rich city, where everything sparkles and shines Christmas time come and enjoy the beautiful church choirs, after they have done in the shopping malls around. "What would God think when he looks at these two churches,'' said Stearns wondered aloud.

"Evangelism methods should with the times"

Evangelism in the electronic world is necessary if people are increasingly dependent on technology to communicate. This conclusion drew Christians during a conference. "While the Gospel never be changed, the methods used to convey this message with the time of the last communication," said one of the participants at the annual conference of the Great Commission Research Network (GCRN). The conference focused on how the average local church can use the electronic medium to share the Good News. "The electronic media is increasingly becoming a powerful tool to be used for both good and evil," says GCRN Chairman Bob Whitesel. "And the church must know how to do good position to take, which is against the poor." The GCRN consists of a group of Christian writers, researchers, professors and doctors who examine how it can be more effectively evangelized. Participant Rusty Reuff advises churches to a video introduction of the church on their website. He noted that videos are becoming increasingly popular. Whitesel also notes that electronic evangelism is much cheaper than other forms of evangelism. "It's a kind of democratization of evangelism. More and more small churches to evangelize at this level because it is less expensive." The Christian researcher Ed Stetzer adds that Skype also shows that people over the Internet to enter into a dialogue with someone.

Author: Jeffrey Schipper

Children are the best evangelists

The Western world is considerable confusion and decay in the year 2011 and is still antichristelijker. In the eyes of the world, Christians are all fundamentalists and a backward minority! Biblical principles and use in society is already banned in many areas. Crisis everywhere! Signalling that we could relate to the massive God Abandonment and the omission of His salutary commandments? I want no prophet of doom, but the Bible is very clear in it! Look at the end of the 1st world by the flood, to the end of decadent powers like the Assyrian, Babylonian, Roman Empire, etc. What makes us even as Western world? I do not watch TV often, but applied this year week with my wife on 4 grandsons of 9-1 years of which the oldest 3 already knew very well the way the computer and the Internet. I'm really scared of games full of violence and occult states. Has the great adversary of God this does not since the advent of the TV for the whole world in his power and got it defeats this not be the last Christians in the West? Let us not close our eyes. Crime and all kinds of related sins are the last 60 years have become unmanageable! Is there no other? For the Western world will be very difficult. We are already too much infected and secularized. Achievements, which excite our senses are defended tooth and nail! In my work with Serve India I see that it is otherwise happy. A side note is, that because of poverty (yet) many social media as we know it. Poverty can be a blessing! Six months after the founding of a church in a village, the mayor approached me and asked to have a church in his village. To my question, Why? He was in fact himself a Christian, his answer was very sober. "Well since the church here is the crime in this village dropped by 70%!" The work of Serve India comprises 95% of children under 5 million children evangelism through children's Bible clubs and after-school supervision. Many children are Christians and are the best evangelists you can have. They say home and near their experiences and thus bring thousands of people to church. This causes each year about 15,000 new churches and are subject to thousands of evangelists / pastors trained. Thus, these children positive antibodies against temptations to come. Are our children are raised according to the Bible? And also what they consume? They also have some positive examples? Who has the Youth, the Future.



Pilot in Papua greeted with arrows

in the Ter High Church in Middlesbrough had the forty-ninth Saturday Zeeland Mission of the Reformed Churches zendingsdag place. Missionary Pilot P. van Dijk, employed by MAF in Papua, told something about the practice of ministry. Van Dijk prompt a number of problems that can occur when flying in inhospitable areas. When he had a plane to the field of a strain carrying the iron yet knew not only wood and stone, he was greeted with a bow and arrow. A tribal chief wanted the plane to shoot arrows. On the landing strip was the MAF plane greeted by armed warriors. After a while circling to have sat there for nothing else than the pilot to land without return to the home.

Missionary shot

One of the initiators of the Christian children's charity Noah's Ark in Uganda was injured on Wednesday in a robbery in Johannesburg seriously. During a visit to South Africa, she was robbed. Pita was shot.