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You may think that the Bible is a book for adults and old people. Nothing is less true. Children have an important place in the Bible. To start with the most important. The most important person in the Bible, Jesus , was born just like everyone else as a little baby. He grew up like you and me. He played and taught and went to the temple with Joseph and Mary. Jesus had a great place for children in his heart. Often He presented them as an example for big people. During his life on earth, Jesus did many miracles. He healed many sick for example. Many of them were children. In the Bible there are also wonderful stories which talk about His great love for children. One of them we can read on this site: the children's blessing.

There was also an important place for children in the Old Testament.

The great prophet Samuel, who led the people of Israel for many years , came as a little guy in the Tabernacle. He was there at a very young age, appointed by God himself  as His prophet to lead His people.

King David was the youngest boy of the family chosen to be king.

Abraham and Sarah had a great sorrow in their lives. They had namely no children. That was the worst that could happen. By a miracle, God gave them a son Isaac.

Besides, the children and baby were included in the covenant between God and Israel. The appointment: "I love you, I will bless you. Love Me and obey Me, "was even for the smallest of the people. There are many more examples. Is the Bible a book only for adults and old people? no!

Here is a story of Jesus blessing the children:

"Hast thou heard? Jesus is in our city." The news that he has been spreading like wildfire. Jesus, all Israel heard of him. Friend and foe alike know him. They know His way of teaching, which he always tells in his stories in order to teach people how they can live a happy life. Many love him and follow him closely. Whether they follow from curiosity, for when he's around, there is always something. People who were deaf he let them hear. Cripple people went back running away. Yes, even dead, he has raised: a boy from Nain and a 12-year old girl from Capernaum. Now you understand why the call "Jesus is in the city" brought many people in the leg. The mothers in the town hear it. Their children came with the message home. The mothers think, "This is the change, such a possibility we might never have again."

What do they want? The mothers know the love of Jesus for all people: old, sick, bad, and poor people, but especially for children, He has a large place in his heart. If Jesus would bless their children and touch them... That would be best. Then the children can grow up healthy and strong.

Jesus loves you very much children. He does not want anything to happen to you. Jesus wants that children are obedient, good student at school and go to the zondaggschool. Then they become good big people who can govern the country as president, ministers, doctors, teachers, pilots, ministers, etc.

Do you want Jesus to come in your heart to live? Then pray this prayer: Lord Jesus, although I am little, you know I've done wrong things. Forgive me of all the naughty things and come live in my heart. I love you!

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